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So it was a bit of a stretch to drive 
from the Cote d'Azur to rural Provence for a day trip

But my husband being the superstar he is
drove 31/2 hours to get me there
(we got a little lost, so it took extra time)

All grown in pots

To be honest, I was surprised how barren, open, hot & dry this area is;
I've become accustomed to the cozy villages of England

With a bit of a shift in my view
I was ready to see what Provence offered
especially photographically :)


Many of the villages were perched on hills
to provide safety during periods of turmoil in the Middle Ages

80% of the world's lavender comes from Provence

The lavender is in full swing July - September

Vineyards, wheat, lavender, sunflowers
Crop land, yes, but no livestock

View from Bonnieux
Lavender Fields (left side)

This home decor inspiration location
has attracted people by the bus-loads

Of all the towns we visited, Bonnieux was my favorite
due to lack of crowds

Artisan Village
Saint Paul De Vence

I should have researched the road less-traveled

But it was a lovely road nonetheless

in Roussillon

Multi-layered tiled roofs are common in Provence
As are shutters to keep out cold winter Mistral winds
and baking summertime heat

If you close your eyes,
perhaps you can hear the background music of the cicadas,
a symbol of Provence

Have you grabbed your glass of wine yet?
You cannot miss the flavor of the area

And although the land did not provide much color
The human prints definitely did

Not to mention 
fresh produce sold everywhere

Fresh Radishes & Lettuce For Sale At Market

I'd like to return in Spring to see 
the flowering almond & cherry trees
and fields of poppies

my camera & I will be back
one day

- all photos by me -

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