Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Posting a few Valentine-inspired gifts that would be great anytime of year :)

Available from Decorative Country Living

This handmade lavender heart is made of vintage fabric with customized initial. Love it :)

See this cutie-pie owl?
I smile at this expression my sister uses occasionally

Available from Vicinity Studio

Ready to experience my first spring in England, I'm on a big garden kick. This is perfect:

Available from Harrod Horticultural

A heart-shaped hand trowel. Can you stand it?!

I leave you with this sweet-as-pie DIY project from Modern Country Style

As a Valentine's Day gift to her husband, Sarah stamped the year and place of their wedding. 
Clever, yet simple. A wonderful keepsake, don't you think? 

Happy Valentines Day, dear reader
Sending you the love!