Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

First, I want to say thank you for all the comments I've gotten on my posts. It encourages me to keep writing and I love hearing from you!

So, I am sitting in my kitchen, drinking a cup of tea while my kids sleep in. Love that! So here we go with my story worth writing...

[The Move]

So our container arrived an hour before the movers. The container guy was not so pleased, but fortunately I took my mother-in-law's advice and had tea and biscuits out and ready for the movers. That seemed to please him.

Once the movers came, they had trouble getting the container unlocked, but were successful after a half hour. The crew of two were able to unload our boxes and furniture in two days while taking many many breaks for tea (I did all the unpacking). All of this was relatively uneventful.

Wilson Gets Cozy In Linen Pile

[The Movers!]

Okay, but here's the unusual part. So what would you have done? Turns out the movers lived 4 hours away and were with a traveling moving company. They move people all over the UK, so they sleep in their moving truck. My neighbor said she would offer them a spare room if she had one. So, yikes! Am I supposed to offer mine?! So now the movers are sleeping in the room next door? Awkward! I don't remember seeing the protocol in my London guide book on this one.

We did not offer our spare room - just too creepy. But they did use the 'loo' and the shower. They didn't have a smaller car to drive in, so we brought them dinner and the cigarettes they asked for. They seemed mildly grateful for my hospitality (fed them 3 meals), but I got the feeling I'd done less than most. Needless to say, we didn't tip them.

Good news is we got everything in perfect condition and a colorful story to tell throughout the years!