The Year Of The Daffodil The Year Of The Daffodil

This year the daffodils have never looked more spectacular They must love wet feet for this has been the wettest winter on record and they&#...

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11:42 PM

Creating Another Home Creating Another Home

This week you can find me over at The Moksi Homes answering questions about living in a rental home abroad Here's a little taster - I ho...

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8:04 AM

A Smoky Sun A Smoky Sun

It's not until you stop seeing the sun for a prolonged amount of time that you start to realize the indicators of a longed-for sunny day...

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4:59 AM

The War Of The Worlds & HG Wells The War Of The Worlds & HG Wells

I've noticed that it is not always true when a book states 'Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, ...

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10:29 AM