This week you can find me over at The Moksi Homes
answering questions about living in a rental home abroad

Here's a little taster - I hope to see you there :)


Maureen: Did you move everything with you from the USA to England? 

Laura: We brought everything with us because we were not sure how long we would be abroad or where we would relocate to next. Our furnishings, artwork, and knickknacks make each house feel familiar and cozy even though location, views, house layout, and neighbors change with each move. Many of our things have a story or memory attached, so I have no regrets about bringing everything with us although it is a bit of a hassle. 

As the kids get older, they have fewer toys. With each relocation, we purge a little more. And in this digital age, we have laptops, e-books, downloaded films, music, and photos. So we are fortunate that we are living in an era when so much of our ‘stuff’ is downsizing anyway. Moving gets easier each time.

Maureen: How did you cope with the domestic side of moving?  Read more of the interview here...