Landed Landed

Such a long absence, I know I've needed time to sift the events,  the thoughts, the feelings in my mind While in the UK, I had no idea w...

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4:02 PM

In Flight In Flight

Today our family’s flight path takes a new turn as we settle back in the US The literal flight path will take us over Greenland’s icy water...

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1:50 AM

Reflecting On England Reflecting On England

What can I say... so much we have learned  and so much we will miss Thank you for joining my journey! I am so thankful you have read and com...

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3:06 AM

British Library Tour British Library Tour

Interesting that in the world's largest holding library you are unable to check out a book and need special permission to touch one Whil...

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11:01 PM

The Lake District The Lake District

For the long holiday weekend we took a quick zip to the Lake District,  the largest and most visited National Park in England  located near ...

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6:57 AM

Living In The Space Between Living In The Space Between

Last week the movers packed up the container and took everything we own to the dock to be shipped out tomorrow I admit I was a bit misty-eye...

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11:24 AM

Downton Abbey Film Locations Downton Abbey Film Locations

Highclere Castle is the primary film location for ITV's popular Downton Abbey television series Highclere Castle is open to the public ...

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11:56 PM