For the long holiday weekend
we took a quick zip to the Lake District, 
the largest and most visited National Park in England 
located near the Scottish border

You can see how this area has inspired so many authors
including William Wordsworth and Arthur Ransome

The area is known for its 
long, thin lakes
hills (known as 'fells')
verdant countryside (indicating it rains a lot) 
and hardy Herdwick & Swaledale sheep

Aren't you in love already?

We visited Beatrix Potter's 17th-century farmhouse, Hill Top,
which was a real highlight

We saw local village locations that appear in her books
such as this letter box

Queen Victoria was the first to put her 'royal cypher' on new postboxes
Here, 'GR' indicates this letterbox was placed during the reign of King George V (George Rex)
Queen Elizabeth II's royal cypher is EIIR (Elizabeth II Regina)
Rex/Regina is Latin for king/queen

So glad we fit in this last trip!
Well worth the five hour drive :)

- all images my own -
(an unsponsored post)