Home Beautiful? Sure is. Home Beautiful? Sure is.

Over the weekend I spent a bit of time tying to organize my computer files into some sort of order - although it seems I'm fighting a lo...

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4:21 PM

Listy Loo Listy Loo

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK As I sit alone in my kitchen, writing, I wonder is anyone reading my blog out there? And enjoying it? It is imm...

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10:21 PM

Quick weekend update Quick weekend update

I've just listed five new paintings in Charcoal over in my Etsy shop . 'Sea Coral III in Charcoal' watercolour on paper, 210mm x...

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1:56 PM

Friday Fun: What Am I? Friday Fun: What Am I?

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK Time for another Friday Fun - yea!! Look what spoke to me at the grocery store a few weeks ago Aren't I bea...

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11:00 PM

Hot off the press! Hot off the press!

Word to the wise - get yourself off to the newsagent quick sticks, and pick up the latest issue of Australian Women's Weekly magazine. ...

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4:03 PM

Just a little bit cheeky...... Just a little bit cheeky......

You might remember this post , when I mentioned I was working on a commission for some large abstracts? Well, I finished another one today, ...

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7:08 PM

First Fab Confab First Fab Confab

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK (Image: Pinterest ) Come pull up a chair in my English countryside tent and grab some tea - I have a new little...

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1:42 AM

Baroque 'n Roll, baby! Baroque 'n Roll, baby!

Thought you might like to see my latest Interior Portrait - 'Baroque 'n Roll". 'Baroque 'n Roll" watercolour and g...

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5:40 PM

One Of Each One Of Each

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK My daughter made this fruit salad and thought to put a daisy in it She's a quiet creative type and likes to...

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3:37 AM

Beat the heat Beat the heat

It's another scorcher here in sunny Qld today. The past few months have been anything but typical weather-wise, but the typical heat and...

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4:21 PM