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Naturalized Snowdrops in Waterperry Gardens

Motivated by Modern Country Style's Garden Party, coupled with reading the latest issue of The English Garden, I grabbed my family, camera, and SatNav (of course) to go to Snowdrop Weekend at Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire.

In our family, this sweet little bulb signifies the coming of my son's birthday. It has always been called his 'Birthday Bulb' since it typically blooms on his birthday (the tulip is my 'Birthday Bulb'). It is also a nod that Spring is on its way.

There are approximately 500 varieties of snowdrops, each with individual green markings on its white flower (like a snowflake). If feeling fancy, you can refer to the snowdrop by its botanical name, Galanthus. But I think 'cutie-pie bulb' sounds more accurate. 

Snowdrop: Fairy cap on a stem?

One thing I appreciated about Waterperry Gardens was its mix of formal and informal plantings and design. Below you can see a view through a formal yew hedge to a less formal garden.

It is common to see 'live' fences of yew, hornbeam, and beech in England. Such a lovely, soft alternative to a wooden fence, don't you think? One day I'll photograph the machine that trims them along the road - very interesting

All winter the grass has been very green. Very green. My husband says, 'We must be on the other side' :)  Get it?

Below is a classic example of winter color with lots of texture. As I gardener I know this is very hard to achieve. 
I've never seen a better example

Viburnum Bodnantense  - I peeked at the label.  This fragrant bush had a few of us Americans scratching our heads the last couple of days as we've seen it around town. I was excited to solve the mystery 

Flowering Viburnum Bodnantense

Couldn't resist this photo. Like Horton Hears A Who,  it said 'Helloooo! I've never been photographed before'. 
I think the lichen is beautiful 

Wisteria Vine

I apologize if you are eating while reading, but I just couldn't pass this one up. I'd never seen this before...

Plant Marker -  I love that someone took the time to use nice handwriting

We had such a great day at the Waterperry Gardens. The kids played hide & seek while I took photographs. My daughter even plopped on the grass to make a 'Sun Angel' for the brief second the sun was out

Snowdrops & Aconites 

I can't wait to see what Spring brings! Now that the days are getting longer, I can just feel it : )  In fact, 'Hello, my name is Giddy'

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