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As I sit alone in my kitchen, writing, I wonder is anyone reading my blog out there? And enjoying it? It is immensely satisfying and encouraging when the answer comes back as a yes :)

Three lovely bloggers sent me awards over the last few weeks. I am immensely honored and choked up to have been selected. In return, I am to blog 7 things about myself (listed here).  For a twist, I will list 7 things about my new country to add to my previous list here. And yes, I keep a notepad in my car and purse :)

A typical chocolate box cottage
Source: Pinterest

1. 'Chocolate Box Cottage' is a general term used for a quaint character home

2. A 'snug' is a cozy little room usually with a fireplace and a place to sit to read or chat. You can find a 'snug' in old houses and pubs. Love that word!

3. 'Pudding' is a general term for dessert. 'Tea' is a drink but also means early dinner. This is important to know when an English family comes over 'for tea', they are hungry and looking forward to a meal - not finger sandwiches and fancy teacups (like I provided. Oops)

4. At the post office the clerk kept calling me 'love' at the end of every few sentences. When I retold my husband, he asked 'Did you want to hit him with your handbag?'  I replied, 'Are you kidding? I kept getting back in line again and again!'

5. I whispered to my husband, 'Did she actually just ask if I would fancy something else to eat?' My husband whispered back with a smile, 'Yes, she did'

6. The English have super-power hearing. They talk a lot quieter than Americans, and when they whisper I could swear they move their lips in complete silence

Source: Pinterest

7. The English Easter Bunny drops chocolate eggs in the garden. No baskets, plastic eggs, or fake grass - that is the American Easter Bunny's tradition

The 'Stylish Award' came from eye-candy Flowerona and lovely expat Brit Abroad in USA. The 'Blog With Substance' Award was from fashion/home decor blog Lulliloo. Obviously all with good taste in good reads :)

Keeping in the spirit, I'd like to award Serenity Now for the 'Blog With Substance Award'. She has created 'Weekend Bloggy Reading' on Fridays as a place for bloggers to link their best post of the week. I think that is a great idea.

More free iPhone wallpapers at Margot Madison Creative

And I'd like to award the 'Stylish Award' to Margot Madison Creative for DIY Fridays, specifically for her free iPhone wallpapers (here) and how to create printed fabric with Spoonflower (here).

I hope you check out and enjoy what these 5 blogs have to offer :)  

Friday Fun Reveal - Thank you for the many responses, guesses and funny comments from What Am I?. This unusual Romanesco cauliflower comes not from the ornate temples of Thailand, but originally from Italy. My friend Miss K steamed and buttered this delicious beauty. Cool, eh?

Source: Google Images

Thank you for stopping by for a read today - I appreciate you!