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Pollinated Fabric by Karen Ingham 

'Pollinator Frock'
Okay, I think I have something new for you : ) 

Fashion, gardening, science, and technology had a little rumble in the labs at Swansea University in Wales and came up with Pollinator Frocks. Talk about thinking out of the box...

This collection of clothing is the brainchild of British artist Karen Ingham. Designed to attract pollinators, her fabrics are digitally enhanced images of plant pollens, which are then treated with sucrose and fructose to replicate nectar.

Think of the possibilities of your dress attracting bees and butterflies in the daytime and moths in the evening.  Hang it on a clothesline and watch what happens while you sip your lemonade.  

To finish it off, you could wear this fabulous beehive 'do. How I love them so...

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Is it too obvious I'm ready for Spring? 

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Wishing you a wonderful weekend, wherever you may be

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