'Vintiquing' In England 'Vintiquing' In England

Portobello Road I almost wrote 'Nervous Nellie' when the form asked my name, as I registered as a buyer at an antique auction house ...

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8:55 PM

Ho Ho Ho, and a Holiday Giveaway we go! Ho Ho Ho, and a Holiday Giveaway we go!

So I was going to run a short and sweet sale this year, but instead I've decided to extend it, and on top of that, I'm adding a give...

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7:30 PM

A Social Profile Of Two Countries A Social Profile Of Two Countries

For years I've wanted to write this post which highlights some interesting differences (and similarities) between the US and England I t...

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5:51 AM

Botanical art...and the sale continues Botanical art...and the sale continues

Just wanted to let you know that after a little hiccup with my Cyber Monday Etsy sale (an unscheduled early end meant many of you missed th...

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2:40 PM

It sale time!! It sale time!!

It's that time of year again - sale time! To celebrate the holiday season, I'm having a Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy store. All prin...

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10:55 PM

English Children Of WWII English Children Of WWII

Did you know 3 million English children were evacuated privately and by the government from major targeted locations during the Second World...

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9:33 PM

Exciting changes ahead... Exciting changes ahead...

I know I've been a terrible tease, with talk of new and exciting things to come, but please bear with me. At long last, I have a brand-s...

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5:24 PM

Happy Thanksgiving From England Happy Thanksgiving From England

In England,  there is no indication that Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States Thanksgiving is not ear-marked in the year as a day o...

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4:24 AM

In 'Loo' Of... In 'Loo' Of...

Can you imagine this award ceremony? Parking garage, Stratford-Upon-Avon If you are an American visiting England, you quickly learn that ask...

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11:56 PM

Funny Trees Funny Trees

Linden/lime ( Tilia ) trees in winter Throughout Europe you find these Dr Seuss-esque trees with nubby branches Practiced since medieval tim...

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10:42 PM

London: Underground Tube Map London: Underground Tube Map

You may not have heard of Harry Beck but you have seen his most famous work the London Underground Tube Map Not geographically accurate, but...

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9:41 PM

More About Me More About Me

Thank you for all your questions last month To be honest, I wasn't sure anyone would have any 'wonders' about me Over time I wil...

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11:13 PM

Election Night At The US Embassy Election Night At The US Embassy

What better place to watch the election unfold than in the US Embassy in London?! { cameras not allowed, so all from my phone } The Embassy ...

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2:02 AM

Fanciful Toadstools Fanciful Toadstools

Posted By Happy Homemaker UK I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on these beauties when we first moved to England I thought the...

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11:13 PM

James And The Giant Mulberry James And The Giant Mulberry

...not the giant peach :) In an effort to become more independent from mainland Europe (and perhaps another source of taxation) King James I...

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10:15 PM

Guy Fawkes Night And Other Holidays Guy Fawkes Night And Other Holidays

Did you notice the new banner above? I'm really drawn to gray right now :) *** On the heels of Halloween  is Guy Fawkes Night { aka Bonf...

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11:31 PM