For years I've wanted to write this post
which highlights some interesting differences
(and similarities)
between the US and England

I think it shows how culturally different we are

With a bit of research,
here's a look at each country's stand on a handful of issues...


Citizenship At Birth

US - All children born in the US are given American citizenship upon birth

England - Automatic UK citizenship not granted to newborns of foreign parents


Legal Adulthood

US & England - 18 years old


Legal Age To Vote

US & England - 18 years old



US & England - Yes
Remains very controversal in the US


Separation Between Church And State

US - Yes

England - No
The constitutional monarch is also
Supreme Governor of the Church of England
and Defender of the Faith


Particular Religion Observed In State/Public Schools

US - No

England - Yes
1/3 of publicly funded schools are religious in nature


Legal Driving Age

US - 16 years old, with a few state exceptions

England - Age 17


Legal Age To Buy & Smoke Cigarettes

US - 18 years old

England - 16 years old to smoke cigarettes
18 years old to buy them


Legal Age To Drink Alcohol

US - 21 years old

England - 5 years old if at home or on private premises
Age 16 in public establishment if with someone 18 yrs or older
18 years old to buy

Minimum Age To Join Military

US - Age 17 with parental consent; 18 without consent

England - 16 yrs old with parental consent; 18 without consent


Capital Punishment/Death Penalty

US - Legal (and used) in select states

England - No


Right To Bear Arms (Guns)

US - Easily accessible with a background check

England - Very restricted; not carried by many police officers


Trespassing Laws

US - Homeowners can do what is necessary to protect property & home, 
including bodily harm to trespasser with support of the law
Trespassers do so at their own risk, with a real possibility of being shot by homeowner

England - Homeowners have little legal protection for defending home,
as they may be prosecuted for causing bodily harm to trespasser
Some squatters move into homes while owner is away,
and owner has little legal recourse
( both UK topics are being discussed currently )

Although England is softer on crime,
crimes are less violent
with few crimes involving guns

Do you find all this fascinating too?

-  photos by me  -

Source: Citizen Advice Bureau, Army, Wikipedia, National Secular Society