Posted by Happy Homemaker UK


We had prepared for almost a year for our move abroad, yet it still didn't seem like enough time. Many details needed to be taken care of at the last minute, such as utilities in the US and in the UK.  As my also-moving-to-UK-friend stated, 'It is a tsunami of details'.Well said, girlfriend! Thank goodness for the internet and faxes, for those international phone calls would have cost a fortune.

Our last day in the US involved me with my home phone on one ear (I was on hold), talking on the cell phone on the other ear, and working the computer at the same time. Meanwhile, my husband was doing the same thing next to me. It was madness. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and it was the perfect 'I Love Lucy' episode. And with teary eyes, we said goodbye to the US and our beloved friends.

And so the local movers packed us up in 2 1/2 days and put everything in a big container like you see on the back of a semi truck. The container was then put on a train to go to port in Houston, Texas to be shipped to our new house in the UK. And magically it appeared on our doorstep last week, almost exactly a month later : )

First sneak peek of our block! Londoners call our area 'leafy'. I like that. It was the first day of rain the whole week, but I didn't mind. I was so excited to get 'situated'. Will write more tomorrow...