Posted By Happy Homemaker UK

Last night
there was no question trick-or-treating
had a stronger foothold in our area

Whereas only a quarter of houses offered sweets two years ago,
I'd guess as many as half of the neighbors participated on the same street this year

It feels magical to witness a new tradition in the making,
as it was the first time many of the residents had given away Halloween candy

I heard a few children saying 'cheers' as they left with their goodies,
and neighbors oohed and aahed as to how scary costumes were
{ they don't do 'cute' costumes here }

The evening ended with a typical English rain
which made it easy to call it a night

Here's a look at the goodies we received

I believe Parma Violets are a very old-fashioned sweet here,
and I'm not sure the words 'foam' and 'candy' should ever meet on the same package :)

Americans will be pleased to know those yummy Marathon braided bars of yesteryear
are alive and well in the UK as Curly Wurlies

How was your Halloween?

- all photos by me -