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Imagine my surprise
when I learned we needed a driving kit
to legally drive in France

Europeans know,
but American readers may be asking themselves

 'driving kit'

Sold by Amazon

Safety vest (inside car, not in trunk)
Warning triangle
Extra lightbulbs for lamps
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher
GB sticker for plates not already indicating British registration

Headlamp Converters
(something about driving on the other side of the road
requires that you change out the lights
as it may 'dazzle' oncoming traffic?)

And required as of July 2012, two breathalyzer test kits

If you wear corrective lenses,
it's the law to carry a spare pair of glasses
 even if you wear contact lenses

Penalty for not having these items if stopped by police?
On the spot fine (cash only) or suffer your car being impounded

Thank goodness I now have the common European signs under my belt
but I quickly learned there were a few French road signs omitted
in the extra credit section of my UK driver's test

This mysterious 'x marks the spot' 
indicates you are either nearing buried treasure or 
you are coming to a junction and the right has the right of way

The diamond indicates the main road has priority
The crossed out priority means the traffic on the right has priority
(or a seatbelt is hugging the sign)

Shouldn't this get some kind of violence rating?

You can imagine when I saw all these goodies
it just sang
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