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You know when you walk away from an event
feeling totally energized?

With an extra spring in my step,
that's how I felt after yesterday's Blogger's Tea

What was supposed to be a two hour gathering
turned into an extended three hour lunch
with a lot of bloggers continuing on to Liberty
(I had to return home, otherwise, SO THERE)

From York to Sussex, here we are!
(Left) Robynne (Robynne's Nest), Liz (The Snowdrop Project), Louise (Love & Lilac),
Selena (Oh The Places We Will Go), Belinda (Wild Acre), Me, Sarah with little MCS (Modern Country Style)
Charlotte (Cottage In Totteridge), Becky (Yank In Yorkshire), Gesci (Peach and Thistle)
Not pictured, Sarah of Sarah-Jane Down The Lane

It definitely felt like a 'sisterhood of bloggers',
as we talked shop:
 photo editing, comments, statistics, 
taking blogs to the next level, balancing time,
and so much more
Such a room with experience!

I automatically had something in common with each person,
as there is a reason we've been attracted to each other's blogs :)
So much to talk about!

It was wonderful to put a real person to the blogs
- to peek behind the curtain, if you will -
and let me tell you each of these women is a gem

This event would not have been possible without the help of our fab host,

It really is such an amazing venue,
with 5 restaurants under one roof
(2 of them with Michelin Stars)
and each with the coolest decor

In fact, two people walked in off the street while we were there
saying Jessica Alba posted on Facebook 
to go there if in the area
- which made me feel hip for the moment -

So as we left with goodbyes and hugs,
my mind swirled with future venues to meet in the Spring

Thanks, girls, for a fantastic afternoon
Love you guys!

- all photos by me -