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In England, we are definitely having an 'Indian Summer' right now - a welcome warm spell

I was surprised to hear the English use the term 'Indian Summer',
for I always assumed the phrase was a Native American reference

But maybe they are referring to the country of India where it is hotter?
Living here often tests what I think to be true...

So I 'wiki-ed' it, and sure enough, 
'Indian Summer' is an American colloquialism that jumped across the Atlantic

Not only am I doing the 'happy dance' about the sunny warm weather
but also for the annual autumn return of

{ the magical Fly Agaric Toadstool }

I had assumed these only existed in fairy tales, until last year when
I nearly peed in my pants when I stumbled upon my first ones!

As large as saucers, these toadstools are as poisonous as they are beautiful
Traditionally, pieces of the mushroom were floated in milk to attract & kill flies

Not that you would eat one, but if you did
you'd find yourself with stomach cramps, hallucinations, or worse
{oh my}

Here is how the Fly Agaric peeks its head as it emerges

As it ages, its top becomes concave and serves as a bowl for catching rain water
Don't you just love nature and all the multi-layers it offers throughout the year?!

Here is another beauty I spied in the woods
(I won't use the word 'forest' for it is actually a legal term - who knew?)

I had to lift my camera up to capture these lovelies

This ancient beech tree reminds me of the tree from the film 'Avatar'
To be honest, I don't have a sufficient wide-angle lens to capture its grandeur

Thanks for tromping through heath and woods with me :)

- all photos by me -

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