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Remember when Nervous Nellie went to France through the Chunnel? Well, I'm she's back! and now needing to start the process of getting herself a UK driver's license.

So I have less than one year to complete two written tests and a practical driving exam with an official-type. If I get caught driving without a license after my year is up, they will impound my car and leave me in my bunny slippers on the side of the road. So harsh!

And knowing the test only has a 43% pass rate, I feel 16 again and just as nervous - but I'm not gonna wear my braces and headgear this time!

To prepare like most driving expats, I'll need to invest in a CD-ROM program that will teach me the rules of the road (I've just been guessing so far) and 5-6 hours of driving school.

Interestingly, Barry (who all the expats use) will sit in the car with me during my crash driving test - not only to hold the vomit bag for me (or for the officer if need be), but also to properly introduce me to the officer. Isn't that adorable?! 

Why be nervous? Hmm, here's an example...

Looks like an innocent street

But wait, what's that?

'This Side'?! The street has a different name 
depending which direction you are driving?!

Now wait a minute! You can't do that!

So I've already picked out my cute little outfit for 'the big day'. I put my Starbucks order on my shirt, in case my bundle of nerves runs away with my memory.

I will keep you posted on my driving licensing progress (liquor license too, perhaps). Hopefully Mr Official Man doesn't read my driving blog post before the test :)

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