Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

I have been using Google's free photo editing program, Picassa, for years. I have loved it but has been somewhat limiting.  I recently delved into (free) Picnik - ohBoy,ohBoy,ohBoy!

My Picniked Photo: it looks kinda Martha Stewartish(?)
I love how clean, vibrant, and romantic it looks

You can see the original photo went through a bit of transformation with cropping, text, color adjustments, glow,
and white feathered edge

Playing with Picnik stickers,
I think it would be a fun tool for scrapbooking

Here I adjusted the color somewhat for mood and darkened the edges

With the ability to add text onto the photo, 
I might design my own Christmas card this year. Fun!

With Picnik, anyone can make their photos look more professional. I am amazed by the photographers who achieved these looks decades ago without digital cameras and editing programs!

Warning: is incredibly user-friendly and lots of fun, especially with a glass of wine :)