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Searching for a Picnik replacement, 
I have been experimenting with free online photo editors such as

So far I found PicMonkey to be the most user-friendly editor,
coupled with Picasa

I stumbled upon PicMonkey's 'Highlights' feature
which is intended for highlighting hair

But I found when I want to pinpoint color adjustment, this does the trick

A recent Stockholm photo is my newest canvas
You can see I am starting to put red on the closest building

I don't feel it is cheating;
it is adjusting the image to emulate the way it looked (or felt) in person

Besides, photography can be artistic expression
So get your edit on, girl
Guilt free :)

Below is a raw photo of Sissinghurst Garden in Kent

The photo has potential, but the person needs to be cropped out,
the browns are the same, and the blue window pane has no pop

As with most photos, I adjusted the lighting to increase contrast
but this was my first attempt to 'paint' with the Highlights feature

Unlike Saturate/Burst,
I was able to change the undertones of each brown item
to provide subtle contrast
{ green-brown door, red-brown patio }

I used 'Burn' to accentuate the cracks in the door
and 'Dark Edges' to finish the photo

It was so fun!
Quite a transformation, eh?

I admit I'm a fan of the 'Weight Loss' feature too :)

- all photos by me -

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