Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

On Monday, June 4th
a chain of over 4000 beacons will be lit 
by churches, municipalities, and associations
worldwide to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Beginning in Tonga and finishing in Canada,
the world will light beacons around 10p, local time
(including Australia, China, Pakistan, Kenya, the US and many more)

Sixty beacons will be along the length of Hadrian’s Wall
with each beacon representing a year in the life of The Queen’s reign
Won't that look magical?

The Queen will light the National Beacon at 10:30p in London
with the 'Jubilee Crystal Diamond' laser beam
following the BBC Concert that night

Beacon chains have evolved from a tool of communication
to a symbol of unity across towns, boundaries, and countries

For hundreds of years, Britain has been lighting beacons
in celebration of royal weddings, jubilees, and coronations
in village greens, church towers, beaches, car parks, and mountain tops

Why will the beacons be lit so late?
Situated so far north, England's sunsets are really late in June
I haven't seen pure darkness for a few days now
(Sunrise 4:47a, Sunset 9:12p on Jun 4th)

Literally around the globe
the world will come together to light beacons on Monday night
to honor Queen Elizabeth II's 60 year reign

I can't think of anything like it before
- such a goosebump moment -