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Americans are misunderstood when it comes to the Royal Family
and I'm feeling the need to write about it :)

The lovely Duchess of Cambridge
(Getty Images)

Strangely, I often get the sense from the English
they think Americans on some repressed level 
regret gaining independence from Great Britain

In a recent interview, Lord Alan Watson,
author of 'The Queen and the USA', stated

'Americans retain a wistful fascination for the monarchy their forefathers ditched' 

'On the face of it, it's a paradox that the Great Republic [USA] 
should want to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. 
But the sense of continuity afforded by the Queen 
makes Americans feel more comfortable in their skins.' 

Huh?! Huh?! and Huh?!

Most Americans aren't celebrating the Diamond Jubilee,
or watching it, 
and haven't heard of it

The Queen doesn't make us feel more comfortable in our skins,
as she definitely doesn't belong to our country any more than the Queen of Sweden
And it is the Britons who feel her continuity, not the Americans

Here's my take of the 'royal fascination' by Americans...

Like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, and Grace Kelly,
the Queen is a classic icon 
and symbol of an older generation that lives on

Last year's Royal Wedding was immensely popular among Americans
because it exemplified a real fairy tale and nodded to 'living the dream'
which we Americans are very into

Princess Diana hooked Americans with her storybook wedding
and remained popular with her sense of style and likable persona

Remember my post of how our historic time lines are so different?
The era of England ruling America feels like it was back in the day of the cavemen,
so there is no connection between history and American's current interest in the monarchy

Americans do feel connected to the UK as a current ally with similar views,
but we live very much in the moment
We are just way too busy to look backward

Although Americans will continue to follow the handsome, classy royal couple like movie stars,
I can guarantee few Americans
could list the names of Queen Elizabeth's four children

With the absence of the crazy, almost ravenous, American media 
seen here during the Royal Wedding
I must say the upcoming Diamond Jubilee
feels more intimate and personal between Queen and country

which I'm really looking forward to

As an American :)

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