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Bloggers love to receive comments, don't we?

It provides the fuel to keep us posting

Motivating. Validating. Connecting.

Here are a few ideas to keep the love comments flowing...

Heartfelt comments
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Deactivate the 'captcha' in your comment section - you know, that warped text of nonsense words used to ensure a real person is writing a comment? You'll notice the well-followed blogs do not use them. They are not user friendly.

[sample captcha]
Many people read blogs from different devices such as smartphones and iPads, on which can be cumbersome to write (or see) the captcha. It takes time, and simply is an extra hoop to jump through.

Do not fear inappropriate comments. Although I receive them occasionally, I just delete them. Plus, you can reactivate the captcha feature anytime you rethink your decision to eliminate it. All comments will continue to land in your inbox, so nothing will sneak in under the radar. Really, just try it.

Loads of comments
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Ideally, comment back on other bloggers' posts if they comment on yours
I think it increases blog loyalty and forms connections

{However, I must say life often gets this in the way, 
preventing me from doing this as often as I'd like}

Cute comments
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Personally I like when a comment box is not isolated from its post

I have a very small memory and appreciate being able to refer back to the post
while writing a comment

Flowery comments
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End your post with a question
This gives a clear message to your readers that you would like their input

What suggestions would you add?
(that's a 'ending your post with a question' question)

I really would like to know ;)


Coming Wednesday, August 31st
Hope you will join in the fun!


Details here

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