Photo of phone booth using Percolator App

Twenty years ago, 
a smartphone would have seemed to be technology from a James Bond movie
with its infinite gadgets in the palm of your hand

Interactive map, flashlight, mirror, video camera,
compass, translator, encyclopedia, and phone

Really quite astounding, eh?

So as happy accidents happen,
I forgot my camera charger at home (again!)
and had to document half of our vacation with my iPhone,
forcing me to explore the possibilities of the technology

Although I don't have the newest iPhone,
I was surprised the quality of my photos was comparable
to my DSLR camera

While not great for high-quality zooming or nighttime shots,
this little phone camera is certainly light-weight and convenient
with a wide angle lens

Here are some photo apps that have me really excited...

:: ProHDR ($1.99) ::

I use this app for landscape shots
It snaps two photos - one overexposed and one underexposed
and blends them together to create one photograph
with amazing depth and color

I find this to be a good solution for capturing the sky
which often appears white in my photos

On my desktop, I use Picasa and PicMonkey for photo editing
On my phone, I use Photoshop Express (free)

:: InstaPicFrame (free) ::
provides collages and those coveted circle frames

:: Percolator ($1.99) ::

I am CRAZY about this app
which turns your photo into cool artwork

Photo of wall graffiti

:: PhotoArtista Haiku ($2.99) ::

Not my favorite app, but it has its merits
by turning photographs into watercolor paintings

:: ToonPAINT (£1.49) with upgrade (£.69) ::

I find this app to be very addictive,
transforming photos into graphic woodblock prints

Bundles of roses at market

Many of these apps allow you to upload into Instagram and Facebook
and work on other Apple devices too

If your desired photo is on your desktop,
email yourself the photo, upload onto your device, and have a go!

Then email your finished photo back to yourself in 'actual size' for better resolution
and download onto your desktop

So easy and fun!

And for the kiddos, these are a great alternative to phone video games
They can spend hours making masterpieces :)

- all images are my own -

I found some of these apps (and more) in iPhone Obsessed (book)
This is not a sponsored post. Just excited to share :)