I am a bit intrigued as to why English drivers
have frost-free cars on a chilly morning

Having lived in snow country,
I am a bit embarrassed to say I still haven't graduated from
using a plastic card to scrape my car 
before my mad dash to get to school on time

As most of the English do not park in their garage 
(it is used for storage)
they must have some magic trick up their sleeves?

Here's a few possibilities:

Throw water on the windshield with wipers on
(never hot, which could crack windows)

Overnight, cover windscreen with a towel

Use one of the popular de-icer sprays I've seen for sale

Spray a vinegar/water mix on windscreen the night before

Wipe a homemade saltwater mixture over windows
when parked for the evening

Without worries of a stolen car, 
warm car a few minutes before leaving 

Most of these I haven't tried 
but entering the frosty season, 
I may experiment 

Do you have any tips to share 
so I stop looking like the foolish American 
in a frost-covered car? 

- photo by me - 

Windshield recipes: eHow