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I am jumping up and down happy! Thank you to those of you who wrote me as to where to find these amazing red toadstools. I was on a multi-day treasure hunt and scored these pics :)

No wonder so many drawings and folklore came from England

These red beauties are the Fly Agaric mushroom, traditionally floated in milk to attract and kill flies. And they are GIGANTIC - the round ones are the size of my fist; the flatter ones are the size of a saucer. These really are my photos!

A few more fungi...

As you can see, the heather is still flowering 
and a rabbit must have 'dropped' by recently :)

Nature provides the best art! 
Now if I just can find those cutie-pie hedgehogs...

[ Fun Friday Word Trivia ]

Thank you so much for participating in another Fun Friday contest!  I will have another one when I find something interesting. 

Creative definitions of 'geegaw' submitted by readers included fruit, laughter, and animals. I love you guys!

The real answer is not nearly so interesting. According to a geegaw is 'something gaudy and useless; a trinket'. Now try to throw that in a sentence today :)