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I first learned of this chocolaty spread from college friends who had spent time in Europe. No huge surprise when I had a 'Hey Mikey, She Likes It!' moment when I tried it years ago. Yum!

Interestingly, this Italian creamy condiment contains more hazelnuts than chocolate (thus NUTella) due to their super secret recipe developed during WWII cocoa rations.

Commonly spread on toast, Nutella is sold in over 75 countries. According to their website, Nutella outsells all brands of peanut butter combined worldwide. It's tasty right off a spoon too, or so I hear :)

This past summer, European Parliament proposed strict labeling laws on convenient foods and soft drinks, which could have posed a marketing challenge to Nutella, and even whispers of bans (gasp!).

The proposal was rejected, and it looks like this Italian comfort food is safe once again. Now that I have a huge stockpile of Nutella, I thought I'd take one out and 'take one for the team' to test a recipe idea. See what lengths I go for you, my lovely blog readers?!

Now don't go confusing me for one of those foodie bloggers. I can eat fancy, but I don't fancy cooking. But I did make these to bring to a neighbor's house. Just between you and me, I made eight but only five made it to the tea...

'Look Brilliant' Nutella Croissants

1 package of croissant dough (I used Pillsbury)
1 jar of Nutella or a creamy chocolate spread

1. Unroll croissant dough. Smear Nutella on one side of dough or put a dollop in the future heart of the croissant

2. Roll croissant loosely. Bake according to package

3. Allow Nutella center to cool a bit before eating, if you can (I couldn't)