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I don't know if it made headlines where you live, but in my house, it is very big news when it is MY HALF-BIRTHDAY! Any extra occasion to eek out cake and feel like a princess, I'm on board. 

I have been celebrating my half-birthday since I was a child, and it just never ended. Here is how we celebrated it today:

Ticket for Fulham Palace Art Fair
I won this ticket from Amelia, local artist and blogger of 101 Birdtales. My family and I went to the Fulham Palace Art Fair in Hammersmith (London) today and had a lovely, inspirational day on the beautiful palace grounds. Thank you, Amelia! It was such a treat!

I bought my first splurge item as a little half-birthday gift to myself the other day - this fun teapot. Don't you love the colors?!

So with an extra spring in my step, I would like to wish you a very happy 10-10-2010 tomorrow! Buy your lottery tickets; it must be a lucky day indeed :)

Cake Photo: Lulu At Home (Google Images)

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