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We went to Florida for Spring Break last week

You can see we had the place to ourselves

English schools always have Spring Break during Easter

Because most American schools had had their break weeks earlier, 
it felt like (sounded like) half the tourists were English in Orlando

I felt a deeper appreciation for English roundabouts which keep traffic moving
for the countless Orlando stoplights were ill-timed, making me a little ill-grumpy

As you would expect, the English are very polite tourists
with well behaved children

But something about Florida brought out a different side to the English travelers
I hadn't witnessed in other countries I'd seen them in

1. Curiously the English seemed more patriotic than usual, 
often wearing English paraphernalia such as
the Union Jack, the Flag of England, or the Royal Arms of England
(however, their patriotism would be lost on most Americans
who are not familiar with the last two)

Flag of England & Royal Arms of England
via Wikipedia

2. Quite a few tempers flared among English family members at the water park 
like an episode from The Osbornes 
(perhaps too much sun?)

3. How the English loved the American burgers! (Me too!)

With a smile,
I wanted to tell my fellow British air passengers to expect
an 'overhead locker' instead of an 'overhead rubbish bin'
when the flight attendant referred to the overhead bin for luggage storage :)

Sitting in the 'cattle car' section on the LONG flight 'home' from Orlando to London (7+ hours)
I was thinking about ways my travel could be improved and time maximized

LOVE British Airway's On Demand entertainment system

Just a few ideas airlines should consider on those long hauls
that feel like they last forever...

Built-in ice chests next to seats stocked with yummy drinks and treats
Airplane seats double as massage chairs
Seat belts jiggle to melt away a few pounds
A pedicure and fresh hair-do while in seat - during no turbulence, of course :)

Free WiFi
A chill out zone for kids
A library-like work area with tables, chairs, good lighting
Lectures and crash courses about your destination (history, foreign language, etc)

Stationary bikes for exercise
Lighting to help adjust biorhythms to new time zone

And for goodness' sake, more bathrooms!! Blimey!

Ahhh, depart the plane pampered, productive, and revitalized :)

Just dreaming,
but do you have anything to add? 

Any good ideas on tackling jet lag? Do share :)

photos by me