Reflecting on passing my driving test 2 years ago,
I now find myself to be an 'ambidextrous driver'

Which means, when I look at a road with no markings
I could pull into either lane, as they both feel right (!)

It means to get in the driver's seat,
I might open the right door or the left door

I may look over my right shoulder or left shoulder for the seat belt

In other words,
it just gives me more opportunity to look like a total heel :)

Now, a curious thing is staircases
Walk on the left or right side?

I find pedestrians aren't consistent with this one
(or on sidewalks)

Here's a few other curiosities

Recently I noticed there are no fire hydrants in England
Instead, they have unassuming water taps in the road for emergencies

These street drains are actually miracle workers
making water disappear almost instantly on roads when raining

They are smaller than the American versions
and more efficient

England is much more rural than outsiders realize
I spied this less than 20 miles from the center of London

What a hilarious slogan for a portable toilet business

Many old buildings had very short doors
(only the wealthy had tall ones)

This clever restaurant padded the top of their 5' door frames
Duck or else :)

I still find little culinary adventures
This prune/bacon morsel is called Devils On Horseback

And I continue to be amazed by how brief the winters are here
Snowdrops and daffodils are already blooming

with crocuses on the way :)

Love that!

- all photos by me -