You won't be surprised to know
scrapbooking is one of my passions

- capturing the moments big and small -

Every year I make a personalized scrapbook for each of my kiddos,
which is made easier with digital photo books

I make the first book for my son
and then copy it for my daughter

I then revise it by adding her birthday and friend photos
and 'girl it up' with papers, stickers and ribbons

There are countless methods, programs, and websites to use
but I like Shutterfly

They have simple photo books that allow you
 to drop your photos in the book and order,
or a customizable option if you are more crafty inclined 
(more time consuming but I'm happy with the end product)

Regardless, I think photo books are so important
not only to help hold memories
but also a priceless memento to pass down

This year I am incorporating more maps into my scrapbook
to indicate where we live, work and go to school

Here's a sample page I made for you :)

Each year I trace my children's hands onto
a newspaper article, map, or brochure
and paste it into the book once it arrives in the mail

Aside from recording their height and weight,
I have a long list of questions I ask each year, such as:

Who are your best friends, and what is your favorite subject in school?

What is your favorite movie, book, and food?

What is your favorite sports team (for him) or stuffed animal (for her)?

Where is your happy place?

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I write up brief bios of each family member (including pets)
and record important news stories from the year

We take photos of the school, the building my husband works in,
rooms in the house, and our favorite pizza restaurant
to try to capture the 'everyday'

I have the kids photograph things in their room
that are important to them

Not only are the photos at their eye level,
but it is a chance to literally look through their eyes

I'm off to get in a little more scrapping done today...

Do you have tips to share?
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