With autumn
comes the familiar
rain, darkness, and chill

Fog in the fields

Warming soups
Fires in the fireplace
Chunky sweaters
Bulky blankets

Apples dropping
Pumpkins to be picked
Blackberry brambles picked over

A rain shower of acorns
started by a wind

Hedges wait for their annual autumn trimming
Leaves burn in backyards
Gardens receive a tidy-up, preparing for winter's respite

Families toting baskets
search for mushrooms to harvest in the forest

American football on the telly for us
A childhood game of 'conkers' for the English

Wellies, umbrellas, and scarves patiently wait near the front door

A quieter birdsong
yet louder ambient noise outside

I can feel Halloween & Bonfire Night just around the corner

All the while,
green green grass...

- photos by me -