You may be surprised to know
I mostly follow home decor blogs

Although I currently feel limited in what I can do in our rental house
I love looking at other homes with beautiful styling 

Although defined differently by each individual,
- to me -
this is classic English decor at the moment...

Grey + white

It is curious that one would paint walls grey
when it is often grey outside as well,
but the grey walls harmoniously coordinate with the sky
to create a calming feeling in a room

Warm Tuscan colors are rarely used here
and just seem out of place when I see them

Grey also creates a cozy feeling,
which the English will tell you comes with the rain

Strong graphic design elements prevent a room from looking too soft

Wood conveys coziness

as do warm blankets and throw pillows

Linen and natural fibers are often featured

along with vintage treasures,
which are affordable if buying outside London

Faux fur and leather are classic cozy elements,

and mismatched is common

I first saw a chair like this (below)
in Anthropologie in a display in London
with its original burlap showing,
looking so raw and unique

A few months later 
I went to an antique fair 
and saw many of these with 'sold' signs on them

Seeing they were a top seller,
many furniture dealers were frantically stripping their chairs and sofas on the spot, 
hoping they would have the lovely burlap underneath

Unable to resist, I brought one home too

As my son helped me bring it into the house
he asked if the straw inside was harboring any bugs

I'm happy to report it was vermin free :)

Here's a quirky, eclectic take on my idea of English design

Yummy yum yum!

Rays of sunshine, don't you think?

These rooms seem very unAmerican to me
Can you put your finger on why?

Images: House to Home 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12