Hey, did you hear that George Michael has just snapped up new digs in Australia's very own Palm Beach? Just a modest little beach shack of course, to while away the days:

Nice huh? Oh to dream, to dream.....!

Oh, and thanks so much for all your lovely comments yesterday, about my run-in with the not-so-happy chopper. I really appreciate your concern, and one lovely lady even offered to send me another, safer piece of tupperware - to save me from myself, I'm sure!  I'm happy to report that I've managed to keep all of my remaining digits intact, although that may be due to the fact that it was toasted sandwiches for dinner last night. I've taken your advice and decided to make the most of my affliction by milking it for all it's worth!

By the way, my ceiling is getting its first coat of paint today, so pop back tomorrow and I'll show you all the progress to date.  Looks good so far!

all photos courtesy of realestate.com.au