One of the advantages of living on acreage is having the space for a shed. A big shed. Big enough to hoard store all manner of vintage treasures, collected over years of thrift shop and garage sale stalking. Over the weekend, I managed to re-visit some of the pieces I have stashed away, and found these cabinets.

The blue hutch has the original, crazed painted finish, which is just gorgeous, so I'm looking for a new finish for the interior. I'm leaning towards painting, to complement the simple, rustic appearance:

...maybe something simple like this:

The second piece has been varnished a truly awful, streaky brown, which will soon be covered in a fresh coat of paint. So with that in mind, I'm thinking I might zhush this one up with a wallpapered interior:



...but I might just throw caution to the wind, and go for something like this gorgeous green chinoiserie paper, used here by Ruthie Sommers:

...or this vibrant yellow de gournay number...

So, what do you think? Do you have a preference for brightly coloured interiors, soft, subdued, chalky pastels - or maybe a dramatic black and white stripe? I'd love to know what you'd choose!

It's school holidays here in Queensland (yay!) but instead of leisurely sleep-ins, I'll be spending much of the first week watching my son compete in a state football carnival, so I may be a little scarce over the next few days. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice and dry! 

Have a great week everyone,