Well, as expected, the painting of my ceiling ( remember my post here?) has taken a little longer than anticipated - of course - but I'm happy to report that all the yukky and annoying prep work has been done, and the first coat of fresh white paint is going on as we speak. And I LOVE IT! Already. Even though it's still a bit patchy, it looks soo much better than before. As I just can't help myself, here's where we're at so far:

The inspiration stage:

love this!

The reality (argh!)

...the undercoat - better already

...and the first coat of paint - yay!

say hi to Bill, my new bff!

So, looking good so far, what do you think? And after a small flirtation with painting the beams black, I settled on white (as I'm sure you all knew I would!) It's amazing how different the room looks already, much bigger, and of course brighter. And the brick wall you can see in the above photos is on my hit-list too - which is the last area of exposed brick in the whole house. Somehow I know I won't miss it one little bit!

Ok, so I'm off now to ply Bill with coffee and chocolate - fuel for champions! I'll be back soon (I hope) with the final reveal. Have a great day all,