Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Today is a 'constant rain' day. Interestingly, we haven't had many of them. There may be a gentle rain at night while I sleep, or a misty rain that is so light my clothes don't get wet during the day. But today is definitely just 'rain rain'. Not hard or soft, just constant.

Did you catch this episode of Glee, guest starring Gwyneth Paltrow? I admit I have not been hooked by this US television show like so many 'Gleeks',  but how I love this video!

It looks like this was a blast to do. Those are her own vocals. So much talent! And how cute is she in that outfit?!

Gweneth Gwyneth and I are almost like sisters, really. Except I keep misspelling her name. She probably doesn't do that.

We are the same age (more or less) with two children AND American expats in England with blogs (hers is GOOP). She has a personal trainer, and I've been known to walk. I think she's a vegetarian foodie, and I like food. I bet she wears shoes; I do too!! See, twins.

{Sigh} How I always dreamed to dance on the big stage. But think of the big splash if I tripped over my own feet in this video... Thar she blows!!!

But I'm the funnier twin?

P.S. If you still haven't clicked on this video, it's not too late :)