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So I couldn't hold in the truth any longer, so when I saw my kids' teacher after the holidays I blurted this confession...

''For Christmas, I was bundling up all the little chocolate gifts we bought in Belgium for the kids' teachers. And in a moment of weakness, I ate yours. I am really sorry I didn't give you a gift for Christmas as I had intended to, because I ate it. So I gave you a story instead.''


So I have been meaning to share this letter with you. It was taped onto a Christmas package sent from the US, confirming that it did 'not originate or pass through Republic of Yemen or Somalia'. My guess is most of you  have not seen this form letter from the US Post Office before. I found it interesting


I jump when the phone rings - a local call costs money, so few call. And because we don't have Caller ID, 
I continue to be surprised by who is calling.


I just found out today - you can put 4 litres of unleaded petrol in your diesel car. 
I wouldn't recommend it, but does seem we are no worse for wear.


Today was another day of saving critters. I saved a partially drowned worm and released another ladybird (ladybug) outside. 
There are many ladybugs in the house for some reason.


The electrician came over the other day to replace a faulty switch in the house. When he entered, he took off his shoes and looked inside his tool satchel. He pulled out and put on house slippers like these:  


It was so adorable and 'proper'! I also think I detected a hint of an Irish accent, and he actually smelled like the soap 'Irish Spring'. Honest!


My doorbell sounds like an old-fashion bicycle bell.

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And you can never go wrong ending a post with Audrey.
Bet that's her getaway car, as she takes her teacher's Christmas gift back home to eat...