As I've had no internet (again) for the past few days, this post will be short and sweet. Here's a sneak peek at some new paintings I've been working on - and as you'll see, these are just a little bit different to what I've been doing lately:

'Serendipity II'
Mixed media on canvas
650mm x 850mm
sold, commissions welcome

This one is a commission I've just finished for a lovely client, who asked for bright, bright and more bright! It was so nice to work big again, with such happy colours.  More to come in these abstract works on canvas, in different colourways, so stay tuned. 

Thanks too, for your fabulous advice on our stay/move/demolish dilemma - you've all been really helpful. We're meeting with an architect friend soon to go through our options, so I'll keep you updated.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll see you next week.