Ok guys, I wonder if I could ask a favour? I'm working on some new pieces for my Etsy shop, and have a few questions for all of you design divas out there.

Remember my 'Bouquet in Flow Blue' painting? It's been one of my most popular designs, and I've had a lot of requests for more in this series. So, I have around half a dozen new paintings in the works, but need to decide on a few details before adding them to my shop. Here's a reminder:

'Bouquet in Flow Blue'
available here

So, my questions are: would you like to see more variety in flower colours in this series? Or different blue and white china, different flowers, but all in the same colour? Or maybe both? I'm leaning towards both at the moment. I've just finished one new blue and white vase, but haven't added the bouquet yet. Here's a mock-up of how some roses and peonies in orange would look:

'Blue Willow Bouquet'
a work in progress!

Any and all suggestions will be gratefully received. I've already had some lovely readers offer advice, which I've taken on board, so you'll be seeing some hydrangeas (thanks Letitia), orange flowers as requested by Judy, and more 'wild' offerings, thanks to Kerry!

So, it's over to you guys. What would you like to see? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!