When I'm designing a large piece, I sometimes paint a little watercolour study first, to play with colours and proportions. I'm working on a large canvas at the moment, and wanted to add a little bit of shimmer. This watercolour is my 'first draft' so to speak, so I added a bit of drama with the slash of gold through the centre:

'All that Glitters'
watercolour and gouache on paper
210mm x 297mm

I then added a few more gold accents here and there, just to pull the design together.

(sorry about the terrible pics - my poor old camera is on its last legs, and my new SLR is on order - can't wait!)

I took a leaf (pardon the pun) out of Shannon Fricke's very stylish book, and picked some pretty weeds, in the perfect shade of yellow, to pop into my pink dotty jug. A little bright spot in a rather grey, winters' day!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Ours will be jam-packed full of sport tomorrow, so I'm planning a nice relaxing Sunday.

See you soon,