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What have you been up to this week?

We are crazy busy around here getting ready for the summer break

Shere, Surrey

This week I ambled over to Shere, one of our favorite villages

You can see my previous posts about this lovely location
here (photographic tour) and here (filming of The Holiday)

I've also been devouring my favorite monthly mag, The English Garden 
filled with tips and inspiration for the garden obsessed

I think they run a worldwide edition too


Is there a colorful 'foodie' word equivalent for 'avid gardener'?
That's me :)

We're talking pure giddiness when approaching a new English garden
And delight with twigs and petals sticking out of my hair

England is in the rose season now, with all of its deliciousness

I'll share a little tip from The English Garden June 2011 about tending roses

'Use a garlic mix one week, and then a seaweed mix the following week,
and finally 'SB Plant Invigorator' in week three.
This helps keep mildew, rust, black spot and aphids at bay'

And lastly, I decided to enter a contest for the Top 25 Expat Mom Blogs
I just figured why not?

It literally takes just two seconds for you to cast your vote,
so would you mind doing just a quicky clicky on this button?

Thanks a million :)

Wishing you an absolutely mind-blowingly wonderful weekend
wherever you are!

Shere photo by me