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I'm so excited
I just registered to participate in the next RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch
over the weekend of January 28 and 29

I feel just one dot more English :)

I'm instructed to grab a pen, download the bird ID sheet, 
and spend an hour watching the birds in my backyard

And get this - 
They invite me to grab a cup of tea, a favorite biscuit {cookie}, and put my feet up (!)
as I note how many bird species are seen in my garden {not flying over} within an hour

The kids are enthusiastic, getting our bird feeder stocked and ready

With the results, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds {RSPB}
gets a snapshot of bird numbers in each region

Last year over 600,000 people took part in Big Garden Birdwatch in 2011
counting over 10 million birds

Bird Counting Sheet (partial)

House sparrows have been the most counted bird for the last eight years, 
with an average of four seen per garden

In 2011, starlings were number two, and blackbirds took third place in participating gardens

Want to join me? 
Get more information on the RSPB website

Fancy butterflies? 
The public will participate again in the biggest butterfly count in the world this summer
See details of the Big Butterfly Count here

{ tweet, tweet my birdies! }