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Hello, my chickadees!
{Chickadees are called 'tits' here,
but 'Hello, my tits!' just doesn't have the same ring :) }

How are you?

Our weekend was filled with my daughter's birthday celebration
and participating in the Big Garden Birdwatch

Robin in our garden during Big Garden Birdwatch

I grabbed a cup of tea and we played Yahtzee 
but not for long
as we broke into 'Ooh! Did you see that one?! Look!'
and busily made checkmarks on our RSPB birding sheet

Robins, carrion crows, feral pigeons, jackdaw, nuthatch, wren, and ring-necked parakeets
were our counted feathered friends for the day

I was glad we were to count for only an hour, for we could have watched all day!
It really was exciting :)

- plus a nice distraction from my daughter beating the pants off me in Yahtzee -

Photo from recent weekend walk

Although we are in the middle of winter,
it has been mild so far with just a few days of frost

The grass is green, and the daffodils are already coming up!

{ Shhh, don't tell anyone the winters are really mild here
or everyone will move here :) }

Life for me is busy at the moment with school commitments and moving locally in a month(!)

So it is nice to take a little time and journal part of my day here


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- all photos by me -