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And here I was bragging about how winter missed our island this year

Here are a few images from the week

And look what cutie-pie visited our backyard!

These rose-ringed parakeets (aka ring-necked parakeets)
usually stay in the treetops, so seeing one up close was a real treat :)

I've been intrigued by these noisy exotic birds,
the UK's only naturalized parrot often seen in South East England

Although native to sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent,
these green beauties are the most widely introduced parrot species in the world
found in 35 countries

Theories explaining the 1969 arrival of ring-necked parakeets
range from flying from the European continent,
escaping from the Chessington Zoo
to released as a former pets

Another interesting non-native species living in England includes
the mink
which escaped from local fur farms in 1929

I'm not sure the ferret-like mink is on my 'must see' list,
but the hedgehog and cuckoo certainly are

- all photos by me -

Sources: DAISIE,

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