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As I pack up to move with misty eyes,
I want to share a little about what we are saying goodbye to

Love the Victorian tiles and chimney pots

Great Neighbors

...providing baking soda when one of my kids was stung by a hornet on our second day here
...including us in Guy Fawkes celebrations, the Royal Wedding block party, Girls Night Out
...running kids across the street for playdates
...catching my dog on the loose while I was stuck in traffic
...sharing local tips
...unraveling cultural mysteries and cockney sayings

We will miss you! 
Thank you for being my gateway to understanding England
and foraging meaningful friendships :)

Victorian tiled walkway

A Charming Neighborhood

A London suburb built during the Victorian era,
the houses share wonderful architecture

Love the Victorian doorbells

Lovely Home

Built in 1898, our amazing house just oozes character
but I won't miss our tiny freezer

The Search For A New Home

Our house is on the market to be sold, so we did not renew our lease

With two moves in two years, we looked for a new home with mixed feelings
- while we love our current neighborhood, we look forward to getting to knowing a new area -

Unlike in the US, you have no real estate agent to represent the buyer/renter
so I called an agent for each house 'viewing'

While looking at houses in the country, I encountered a few adventures

Such as getting my car stuck in the mud for an hour on a farm road
and roadside assistance suggesting I find a tractor to help pull me out (really?)

With stinging nettle burns on my legs,
one realtor and 3 farmers/pheasant hunters later, 
the mud doth relinquished its powerful suckage

We were a day away from putting in a rental contract on a 17th century farmhouse
with a snug and AGA, but someone beat us to it

The New Home

But it all worked out for the best
for we are moving to a semi-rural village that I can't wait to putter around
And we still can manage with just one car, thinking my bicycle will get most of my errands done

Our house will not have a number, just a cottage name (love that!)
with a field of horses and a forest down the lane

Our broadband service tells me it will be working sometime between now and eleven days
so I don't know when I will be up and running again

But until we meet again, be well
Next time I'll be posting from the cottage :)

Post Of The Month Club:
We will skip this month for an exciting announcement next month - Stay Tuned :)

- all photos by me -