Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Heeelllloooo! I'm back :)
How I've missed our conversations this month!
I feel we have so much to catch up on...

We've moved 
and not without at few stories to pack up along the way...

I must admit to being a little nervous about our second English move

Our initial move to this country was bizarre
with movers living in the back of their truck,
asking to use our loo and shower
and needing us to buy them cigarettes as their moving truck was too big
to maneuver through the streets to the local store (and too far to walk)

Thank goodness I knew to have tea warm and ready when the movers arrived this time,
for where else but England would movers want to start their day with tea
just 30 minutes into their work day?

But let me tell you, it was complicated :)
Some wanted milk, some wanted sugar
- lumped sugar, not granulated sugar -
and biscuits
(thanks to a good friend who delivered lumps and cookies to solve my predicament)

'Kitty Boy' loved playing in the paper

Aside from not having the proper ingredients for tea, 
I woke up that morning to the dilemma of no power steering in my car,
thus making corners and roundabouts impossible to complete

So while I was in the middle of the move,
I had to negotiate the garage to see me

They don't have the part in, but guess what, I'm coming in anyway
because I don't know what else to do.
I'm about to move to Wits End Lane!

So Mr Nice Car Guy got out his duct tape to repair the hole in my 
power steering hose
Definitely not MOT approved, but it worked like a charm;
I was grateful and on my way - yea!

After teary eyed goodbyes with neighbors,
I was off to my new village in a duct taped car
and opened the front door to see...

 { as harps played }
American goodies (Oreos, M&Ms, Tootsie Rolls), champagne,
a lawn bowling game, and a giant bouquet of flowers from my new landlord
to welcome us to our new home

Like an episode from The Price Is Right,
I then knew I had picked the right door (house).
I thought I was going to faint with delight!

Our street

As we unpacked over the last 2 weeks,
our friendly new neighbors have dropped by (one has chickens & Shetland ponies)
 and someone mysteriously left her famous Lemon Drizzle Cake at our front door
Can you believe our luck?!

We are completely settled in
and we LOVE our new house, neighbors, and setting

Just the other day
my son was followed by a friendly pheasant while riding his bike,
and my husband had to use a torch (flashlight) to find is way to the train station 
because there are no street lights in this semi-rural area

Houses in this area are covered in 'flint stones'

Yep, we're going to love it here

We're bringing the 'Yee-Haw' to Surrey :)

- all photos by moi -