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On The Mall looking toward Buckingham Palace

Our final Olympic event to attend
was Men's Beach Volleyball

and WOW! was the venue spectacular!

(click photo to really appreciate the view)

It was a mark of brilliance to set up this temporary stadium
at the Horse Guards Parade

And that night, it was the game for gold
Germany v Brazil

Icing on the cake, the weather was PERFECT

My husband cleverly spied this plein air artist 
capturing the day high above us
( For the Diamond Jubilee, artists in the flotilla were busy painting too )

Such a creative way to capture history

And as if it couldn't get any better
we also watched the conga line

Dancers provided entertainment between matches and during time-outs

and Bananarama singing Venus


Time-outs also included raking sand
and shaking sand off the lines

Announcer: 'It's rakey-rakey time!'

Going for gold,
the Brazilian and German crowd was very loud and excited

And many waved their flags proudly
- Germany, Brazil, and TEXAS?! -

And the gold goes to Germany!

We walked away with Olympic-sized smiles on our faces
and a glow from the memories of the past few weeks

London has radiated a wonderful Olympic glow too :)

- all photos by me -