I've never been a big fan of winter
but my kids are

I'm one step closer to loving this season 
for all that England has shown me...

Making the most of every day
regardless of weather

Each day is a weather adventure
- snow, rain, sun, clouds, fog, or frost -

Look for more

Frozen spiderwebs look like icicles due to 'hoar frost'

As we drove to school today
my daughter looked at a fence and asked if those were real spiderwebs

'No, those are too thick to be real'

But sure enough, spiderwebs were visible with all the frost,
revealing an invisible world 
everywhere I turned

Unbelievable, no?

This is exactly what it looked like - no photo tinkering

Countless hues of grey*
- soft & muted -

The lighting in England is so different from anywhere else I've lived before

Frozen grasses look like white clouds resting in the heath

Everything is better with a cozy blanket

A gorgeous countryside drive
is never far away

'All is calm, all is bright'

Beauty is everywhere

And wear gloves with fingers on next photo shoot :)

- all photos by me -

* 'Grey' is the British spelling; 'gray' the American - important as there is so much of it here :)